Saturday, 27 December 2014

Pratik receives best Ph.D forum presentation award at ICISS 2014

Pratik presented his work at the Ph.D forums of the Tenth International Conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS 2014) (18 – 20 December 2014, held at IDRBT, Hyderabad). His presentation was titled "Intrusion Detection Mechanisms for Peer-to-Peer Networks", and he received the prize for the best Ph.D forum presentation.

Our papers accepted at EITES 2015

Our two papers, Heuristic-based Real-time P2P Traffic Identification (authors: Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chittaranjan Hota) and  Scalable Honeypot Architecture for Identifying Malicious Network activities (authors: S. Gokul Kannan and Chittaranjan Hota), have been accepted at the 2nd International Research Conference on Emerging Information Technology and Engineering Solutions (EITES 2015), Feb 2015, Pune. Congrats to the authors!!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Tutorial on Big-data at ICCCT 2014

Dr. Hota and Pratik conducted a tutorial on "Big-data Analytics: Challenges and Approaches" at IEEE ICCCT 2014 conference, held at Hyderabad, India, 11-13 December 2014.

Dr. Hota presents our work at SKM 2014

Dr. Hota presented our work titled "Game-theoretic Patrolling Strategies for Intrusion Detection in Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Networks" at the International Conference on Secure Knowledge Management (SKM) 2014 held at Dubai, UAE, December 8-9 2014. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Ours papers accepted at COMAD 2014 and SKM 2014

Our work titled HaDeS: A Hadoop-based Framework for Detection of Peer-to-Peer Botnets has been accepted at the 20th International Conference on Management of Data (COMAD 2014), Hyderabad, December 2014.
Authors: Pratik Narang, Abhishek Thakur and Chittaranjan Hota

Our work titled Game-theoretic Patrolling Strategies for Intrusion Detection in Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Networks has been accepted at the International Conference on Secure Knowledge Management (SKM 2014), Dubai, December 2014.
Authors: Pratik Narang, Kunal Mehta and Chittaranjan Hota

Congratulations to the authors!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

3rd PRSG meeting at BITS Hyd

The 3rd Project Review & Steering Group (PRSG) meeting of the project "Automated Detection of Security & Privacy Threats" took place at BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus on 27th September 2014. The meeting was attended by all PRSG members, Dr. Lakshmi from C-DAC, the Principal Investigators (Dr. Hota and Abhishek) along with Research Scholars- Jagan and Pratik, and the student members- Prasenjeet, Kavya, Robin and Sudheer. 

The PRSG reviewed last one year's progress of the project. The research team made the demonstrations of their work in the area of Host-based Detection Approaches for P2P traffic, Conversation-based for P2P Botnet Detection, Botnet C&C over WhatsApp, etc.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Our paper accepted at the EURASIP Journal on Information Security

Our paper, "PeerShark: Flow-clustering and conversation-generation for malicious peer-to-peer traffic identification" has been accepted for publication in the EURASIP Journal on Information Security. The preliminary version of this work was published in the IEEE Security & Privacy Workshops 2014 (co-located with the 35th IEEE Security & Privacy Symposium), and the extended version was invited for submission to a special issue of this journal.

Authors: Pratik Narang, Chittaranjan Hota and Venkat Venkatakrishnan (UIC)

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dr. Hota's Invited talk at BiDA 2014, Hyderabad

Dr. Hota gave an Invited talk on "Security & Privacy concerns in Campus wide networks: Easing out using Bigdata Analytics" at the National Workshop on Big Data Analytics (BiDA 2014), held at the C.R. Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, UoH, Hyderabad on 22nd August 2014.

Talk Abstract: Several open source and proprietary products detect and alert policy violations for usage of P2P applications using techniques like port-based analysis, and protocol analysis. In this talk, we will assess the impact of P2P traffic on perimeter security appliances, and develop intelligent approaches using machine learning techniques to counter their impact on campus wide networks. We will discuss the usage of Hadoop, Hive and Mahout to scale the data analytics framework that can capture Gigabytes of network traffic and try to figure out if there is any existence of anomalous P2P traffic like Botnet, or Malware within the corporate network traffic.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Abhishek's paper accepted at ICACCI 2014

Abhishek’s work on “Designing an extensible communication platform for rural areas” gets accepted at IEEE ICACCI 2014, New Delhi. Congrats to the authors!

Jagan attends a short-term course at NIT Goa

Jagan attended a short-term course at National Institute of Technology, Goa on "Pattern analysis and Information Security" during 30th June to 4th July 2014.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dr. Hota's invited talk at IPE, Hyderabad

Dr Hota delivered an invited talk titled "Threat Landscape in Large Scale Networks: Machine Learning and Forensics to the rescue" at the Training Programme on Information Intelligence and Cyber Security held at Institute of Public Enterprise, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad on 27th June 2014 for professionals from Public sector undertakings. He talked about various possible threats that are prominent in large scale networks both from service provider and user's perspective, and how can these threats be mitigated by applying Machine learning techniques and Forensics tools on the traffic traces collected from these networks, both live and offline. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Prof. Abhik from NUS visits us

Prof. Abhik Roychoudhury, Vice Dean Graduate Studies at NUS, Singapore visited NetClique on 6th June 2014 and went through the work done by our team on the 'Overlay Security' area. Jagan demonstrated his work in the testbed at the Info Sec research lab. 

Later, Prof. Abhik also addressed the Graduate and undergraduate students of the Computer Science Department on his current research work at NUS and the research opportunities available for BITS students at NUS.     

Gokul attended a 3-day Cyber-Security Workshop at IBM, Bangalore

IBM Security Developer Presentation
I attended a workshop at IBM Innovation Center, Bangalore from 4th to 6th June 2014. It was very informative and I understood a lot about various aspects of security (Firewalls, IDS/IDPS, Malware analysis, etc.) in their organisation. Moreover, I got an opportunity to play with their tools and services.

Michael Steiner (IBM Researcher) Presentation

Front Row - MNIT Professor

-- Gokul

The ACM DEBS Experience

I was at the 8th ACM International Confernce on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS) 2014 to present my Poster Paper titled, "Machine-learning Approaches for P2P Botnet Detection using Signal-processing Techniques.
The conference kick-started with Day 0 having the Doctoral Symposium and Tutorials. The Doctoral Symposium had a great keynote by Dr. Alejandro Buchmann on how to write reviews for research papers.
The conference had wonderful keynote talks by Minos Garofalakis (from Technical University of Crete) on Day 1 on the topic of Querying Distributed Data Streams, by  Krithi Ramamritham from IIT-Bombay on Day 2 on the topic 'Smart Energy: the Role of Timely Data Dissemination', and another Manish Gupta from Xerox on Day 3 on 'Challenges in personalization of services at Massive scale'.

A PDF of my poster is available here.

-- Pratik

Dr Hota's invited talk at NUS

Dr Chittaranjan Hota delivered an Invited talk at School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore on "Artificial Intelligence techniques in Overlay networks" on 29th May 2014 at 4th South Asia Workshop on Research Frontiers in Computing.

Talk Abstract: With the proliferation of Overlay networks, it is critical to consider the impact of these systems on the performance of Internet environment that is struggling with resource availability and multiple security concerns. In this talk we will be discussing applications of Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve the performance of these networks. Currently, Internet traffic control is achieved by either throttling the bandwidth or allowing traffic with restrictions in place. Several open source and proprietary products detect and alert policy violations for usage of different applications using techniques like port-based analysis, and protocol analysis. In this talk, we will be assessing the impact of P2P traffic on perimeter security appliance, and develop intelligent approaches to counter their impact. We will also see applications of AI techniques in Virtual Private Networks.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Prof. Venkat presents PeerShark at IWCC, San Jose

Prof. Venkat presented our paper 'PeerShark: Detecting Peer-to-Peet Botnets by Tracking Conversations' at the International Workshop on Cyber Crime (co-located with the 35th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy) at San Jose, USA on the 18th of May 2014. Initally, Pratik was supposed to travel to San Jose to present the paper, and he had also received Student Travel Grants from IEEE Security & Privacy Worskhops. But Pratik could not travel due to visa delays. Prof. Venkat (co-author of the work and Pratik's Ph.D co-supervisor) pitched in and offered to present the paper. 

The slides of the presentation are available here.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Pratik will be interning with CRISSP, NYU-AD

Pratik will be spending this summer (June-July) as a 'Visiting Researcher- Summer Intern' with CRISSP, New York University (Abu Dhabi campus) under the mentorship of Dr. Nasir Memon (Professor, NYU and BITS-Pilani alumnus). Congrats Pratik!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Pratik receives Student Travel grants for IEEE Security & Privacy Workshops 2014

We are glad to share that Pratik has been shortlisted for receiving the Student Travel grants of the IEEE Security & Privacy Workshops to present his paper at the International Workshop on Cyber Crime (co-located with the 35th IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy 2014). Congrats to Pratik!

Pratik and Vansh's paper accepted at DEBS 2014

Work of Pratik and Vansh titled, "Machine-learning Approaches for P2P Botnet Detection using Signal-processing Techniques" has been accepted as a Poster Paper at the 8th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS), to be held in Mumbai, India, May 2014.
Authors: Pratik Narang, Vansh Khurana and Chittaranjan Hota

Monday, 14 April 2014

Gokul Kannan presented a paper at NCICIT'14

I attended a conference at Anna University, Trichy. The conference is "National Conference on Intelligent Systems, Computing and Information Technology". There were many participants for the event and topics like challenges in cloud computing, effective information security measures, efficient WSN routing mechanisms, etc. were discussed. The panel consisted of Dr. Sivanesh, Dr. Ramesh, Mrs. Indumathi, etc.

My presentation was titled "Efficient Detection of Malwares using Low-interaction Honeypots", where I discussed about the experiments conducted to analyze the limitations of existing low interaction honeypots.

Authors: S. Gokul Kannan and Chittaranjan Hota

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pratik and Subhajit's paper accepted at the IWCC 2014

Work of Pratik and Subhajit (our alumni) titled, "PeerShark: Detecting Peer-to-Peer Botnets", has been accepted at the International Workshop on Cyber Crime 2014 which is co-located with the 35th IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy 2014.
Authors: Pratik Narang, Subhajit Ray, Chittaranjan Hota and Venkat Venkatakrishnan (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Kamal and Sharath's paper accepted at the Information Sciences journal

Research paper by our alumni Kamaldeep Singh and Sharath Chandra Guntuku titled "Big Data Analytics Framework for Peer-to-Peer Botnet Detection using Random Forests" is accepted for publication at Information Sciences Journal, Elsevier (SCI, Impact factor 3.6). 
Authors: Kamaldeep Singh, Sharath Chandra G, Abhishek Thakur and Chittaranjan Hota.

Invited talk at GRIET, JNTU Hyderabad

Dr Hota delivered an invited expert talk on "Applications of soft computing and machine learning techniques in distributed computing systems" in the faculty development program at GRIET (Autonomous), JNTU, Hyderabad on 6th March 2014. He talked about IP-QoS, Malware detection, P2P traffic classification, Trusted cloud computing etc. using various Soft computing techniques.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Invited talk at Osmania University

Dr. Hota delivered an invited talk on 'Intelligent threat analytics for Overlay networks' at the Training program on Information Intelligence and Cyber security, Institute of Public Enterprise, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad on 25th Feb 2014. He talked about NetClique's research work on security in Peer-to-Peer networks.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

NetClique conducts a workshop at SPS'14, IIT Kanpur

 NetClique organized a half-day workshop at the recently concluded Security & Privacy Symposium 2014 at IIT Kanpur. The workshop saw participation from more interested students, researchers and faculty from different parts of India.

SPS 2014 featured keynote talks from prominent researchers like Dr. Mustaque Ahamad (Georgia Tech), Dr. Krishan Gummadi (Max Planck) and Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu (UT Dallas), and invited talks from many Security and Privacy researchers from Institutes of repute across the nation.

It also featured a Poster session where students/researchers from various Institutes exhibited their research work in the area of Security and Privacy in the form of a poster.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dr. Hota at IIT Delhi for Cyber-security workshop

Dr. Hota participated at the recently concluded Cyber-security workshop at IIT Delhi on 7th-8th February 2014. He participated in talks and panel discussions on various topics like security in SCADA systems, Malware detection on Android apps, Reverse engineering, etc. Various other researchers from Nebraska University, IIT Kharagpur, TIFR, CERT-In etc. also participated in the event.